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Immaculate Contraption by Matt McHugh

Two priests, an old lady, and her robot
take on the Divine Plan

Immaculate Contraption

      "Mrs. O'Leary, can you please tell the pastor what you told me earlier."

      "Of course, Father. I wish to have my robot baptized."

      Father Pinter watched Monsignor Ricci's face carefully. Sure enough, it registered all the bewilderment that Father Pinter had no doubt was sitting upon his brow. The two clergymen looked at each other for a moment, then to Mrs. O'Leary, sitting across the table in the rectory's tea room, regarding them with prim geniality as her robot stood next to her with the eerie, absolute stillness of its kind. While Mrs. O'Leary's calm smile was a distinct contrast to her companion's immobile, brushed-metal face, both visages seemed to radiate almost beatific patience.

      "This robot?" Monsignor Ricci asked stupidly, apparently at an complete loss for anything better.


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