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Antitrust Provision by Matt McHugh

To revolutionize the world, you may have to bend a few rules here and there.

Antitrust Provision

      "Calling to the stand, Edmund Darhenny."

      Ed Darhenny stood briskly and patted his lead attorney on the shoulder before stepping toward the witness box. He wore no tie and left his jacket unbuttoned, yet his appearance was crisp and elegant--a testament not only to the cost and quality of his handmade casual attire, but to the easy confidence in his bearing. With his thick hair handsomely graying like burnished steel and his skin lightly, healthily tanned, he looked--as always--every inch the perfectly genial embodiment of the self-made trillionaire. He was sworn in (his "I do" as rich and rounded as a cathedral bell), then took his seat, giving the grand jury a courteous nod.

      The lead prosecutor for the United States Justice Department wasted no time.


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