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Freak Showing by Matt McHugh

Does Louis have what it takes
to run away with the circus?

The full text of the story is available free online for individuals to read and share.

"Freak Showing" was originally published in the Spring 2004 issue of The First Line, a magazine specializing in short fiction where all stories in the issue must begin with the same opening line. Reprinted here by permission.

Freak Showing

     There were five of them, which was two more than I'd been expecting. The Lensky brothers and I leaned forward in our chairs to stare more closely, while Mr. Gotts stood before us unabashed, hands on his hips, pants around his ankles.

     "OK, you were telling the truth in your letter," Harris said finally. "You do have more than the average number of testicles." Mr. Gotts' pride was apparent, though he tried to keep a poker face.

     "And you say you've had these all you're life, Mr. Gotts?" asked Irwin.

     "I have, sir," he replied. "And please call me Louis."

     "Interesting," muttered Irwin, then to me, "What do you think, Annie?"


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